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Lyme Support Protocol Lyme Support Protocol
Lyme Support Protocol is a beneficial treatment for strengthening the immune system and provides assistance towards recovery from Lymes Disease. Instructions for use included.

Lyme Fighting Protocol
Teasel Root Herbal Supplement ~ 1 oz
Yarrow Herbal Supplement ~ 1 oz
Japanese Knotweed Herbal Supplement ~ 1 oz
Cat’s Claw Herbal Supplement ~ 1 oz

Daily Supplemental Support
Astragulus Herbal Supplement ~ 1 oz ~ Immune Booster
Echinacea Herbal Supplement ~ 1 oz ~ Immune Booster
Goldenseal Herbal Supplement ~ 1 oz ~ Natural Antibiotic
Plantain Herbal Supplement ~ 1 oz ~ Blood Cleanser

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