We carry a selection of herbal teas that we make. This selection is growing.
We also carry certain herbs that have beneficial health and spiritual qualities.
Herbal Mouth Tonic Herbal Mouth Tonic
Water, glycerin, with peppermint, wintergreen, echinacea, chaparral leaf, gotu kola, golden seal, thyme, & dragon’s blood extracts. Alcohol, eucalyptus, clove, lavender, & myrrh essential oils. Kills bacteria and freshens breath.
8 oz for $20.00
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Chaga Tea Chaga Tea   20 tea bags
Boil water and steep for about 30-45 minutes.
1 oz package (20 tea bags) for $10.00
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essiac tea Essiac Tea
Boil water and steep for about 15-20 minutes. 1850s recipe. Helps with detoxification.
2 oz package for $24.00
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Relax Tea Relax Tea
Boil water and steep for about 5 minutes. Chamomile, hops, passion flower, valerian root, milky oats, skullcap, St. John’s wort, plantain, nettle, yarrow
1 oz package for $8.00
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Tummy Tea Tummy Tea
Peppermint, Chamomile, Slippery Elm & Ginger. Boil water and steep for about 5 minutes.
1 oz package for $8.00
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Chaga Tea Moringa Tea
Boil water and steep for about 5 minutes. Moringa Herb. Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, digestive aid, uplifitng, may lower cholesterol, heart healthy benefits, supports brain health, protects liver.
1 oz package for $8.00
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Hawaiian Red Turmeric Hawaiian Red Turmeric .7 oz.
Organic Red Turmeric. Very high in curcumin. Beneficial for anti-cancer, depression, arthritis management, diabetes management, Crohn’s disease, cholesterol regulator, natural painkiller, gastric ulcers, flatulence, jaundice, digestive aide
.7 oz for $12.00
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       >Osha Bear Root Osha (Bear Root)
Wild-crafted Osha Bear Root from the Rocky Mountains. Beneficial for throat irritation and hoarseness. Also for respiratory issues. This item can also be special ordered in larger quantities.

1/2 oz for $5.00
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       North Dakota Sage North Dakota Badlands Sage
Sage from the North Dakota Badlands.
1 oz for $6.00
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       Sweetgrass Braid Reishi Mushroom
Ground local Reishi. Add to smoothies, stews , soups, etc. Beneficial for inflammation, fatigue, infections (urinary tract, bronchitis, respiratory infections, etc), liver disease, food allergies, asthma, digestive problems, stomach ulcers, leaky gut, diabetes, viruses (flu, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis), hypertension, insomnia, anxiety, depression, hormonal balance, fights tumors (natural cancer treatment), liver detox, boosts immune system
1 oz $8.00
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       Sweetgrass Braid Sweetgrass Braid
Fresh braided sweetgrass.
Our products are for the benefit of supporting recovery of a vast array of illnesses and ailments. We are not medical professionals and do not claim any cures from disease through the use of our products. Products have not been tested by the FDA and are not intended to cure or prevent disease. All information is for educational purposes only.