We carry a specialized line of body and face care products. All of these are made to be beneficial to personal well-being. All are 100% organic and use a combination of quality essential oils, natural herbs & extracts in pure carrier oils, butters and creams.
       Dragon's Blood Moisturizing Cream 2 oz. Dragon's Blood Moisturizing Cream
Effective moisturizing for dry scaly skin. Wound healing, anti-inflammatory. Skin tightening. Regenerates collagen. Sap extracted from a tree in the Peruvian Amazon.
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           Fountain of Youth Face Cream 1 oz. Fountain of Youth
Facial Cream
Skin rejuvenation and anti-aging.
1 oz for $20.00
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           Aphrodite's Secret Feminine Spray Aphrodite's Secret Feminine Mist
A refreshing feminine hygiene spray containing aloe vera, witch hazel, and several essential oils including jasmine & ylang ylang.
2 oz. for $15.00
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         Jewel's First Aid Roll-on Stress Relief Roll-on is calming through aromatherapy by application on wrists.
.3 oz. for $10.00
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        Herbal Throat Spray Herbal Sore Throat Spray
Quick soothing relief from the pain of sore throat irritation.
2 oz. for $15.00
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        Headache Remedy Roll-On Headache Remedy Roll-on alleviates headache through aromatherapy.
.3 oz. for $8.00
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       Bear Beard & Hair Treatment 1.8 oz. Bear Beard & Hair Treatment
A combination of bear oil with several herbal extracts and essential oils to enhance, strengthen hair and beards. Excellent hair conditioning treatment and daily beard oil.
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        Acne Clear Acne Clear
Apply to the affected area to reduce oils and clear skin of acne.
2 oz. for $14.00
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4 oz. for $25.00
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         Sunburn Relief Spray Sunburn Relief Spray
All natural with essential oils.
1 oz. for $10.00
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   Sunshiney Bright Sunscreen Bright Sunshiney Day Sunscreen
All natural with raspberry seed and carrot seed essential oils with zinc oxide. Approximate SPF rating of 30-50.
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Our products are for the benefit of supporting recovery of a vast array of illnesses and ailments. We are not medical professionals and do not claim any cures from disease through the use of our products. Products have not been tested by the FDA and are not intended to cure or prevent disease. All information is for educational purposes only.